Welcome to the Gardell Lab

Ecology • Toxicology • Physiology • Molecular Biology

At the Gardell Lab, we are interested in exploring the impacts anthropogenically derived stressors have on aquatic invertebrate model species. Using physiological and transcriptional approaches, we are able to characterize at several biological levels the effects of osmotic, temperature, and contaminant stressors on Daphnia magna, Mytilus trossulus, Botryllus schlosseri, and other species of interest.

Some of the species of interest in our lab. From left to right, top to bottom: orange morph of Botryllus schlosseri, Mytilus trossulus, and Daphnia magna, black morph of Botryllus schlosseri in field on mussel, Cipangopaludina chinensis, and orange morph of Botrylloides violaceus in field on mussel.